What is Peelo?

Peelo is a beeswax food wrap, made from certified OEKO-TEX® cotton, organic beeswax, natural tree resin and coconut and jojoba oil. Thanks to these natural ingredients, beeswax wraps keep out excess moisture but let the food breathe at the same time. Peelo works the same way as a peel works in nature, it protects food and preserves its natural flavours. 

Peelo is perfect for cut up fruits, vegetables, cheese, herbs and bread. It can perfectly adhere to bowls and containers of any shape and that is why it is the perfect substitute for plastic food wrap in the kitchen and on the go.

Oh and did we mention it's also compostable at the end of its life cycle? Throw it in your home compost or use as a fire starter and it will return back to nature in the most natural way.

 Why is Peelo special

Protecs food

Peelo slows down the natural process of food drying out and helps reduce food waste in households. Due to improper planning and storage, we throw out a third of purchased food.


It is made from all natural ingredients without unnecessary chemicals and is made from the highest quality organic ingredients we could find on the market.


Peelo can last up to 2 years and with proper care you can even prolong its lifespan. 


At the end of its life cycle it returns back to nature. Just cut it into small pieces and throw into the compost or use as a firestarter to light a fire either in a fireplace or at a grill party.

Which foods does Peelo love?


Free the cheese from the plastic and store it at home in a beeswax wrap. It won't steam, it will breathe and keep its full flavor!

Cut up fruits and vegetables

Did you use only half of an avocado, onion or cucumber today and saved the rest for tomorrow? Wrap the remaining piece in beeswax wrap and you won't have to cut off the dried up end.


Put the fresh herbs in the wraps and they won't be dangling sadly in the morning.


Use Peelo beeswax pouches or an XXL beeswax wrap and wrap fresh bread in it. It will not suffocate, as in a plastic bag, and it will keep its crispy crust for several days!


Do you bake homemade buns or do you like to ferment? The beeswax wrap will be your helper and is ideal for covering dough or fermented cabbage that needs a bit of air to ferment.


Peelo makes friends with every ham roll and grilled chicken. However, if you are preparing raw meat for the barbecue, store it in a bowl and cover it with a beeswax wrap - because Peelo does not get along with raw meat very well.